Sentinel™Series Fire Suppression Pumps

Sentinel™ first and foremost are our high-performance fire suppression pumps and packages for high density commercial, residential and industrial facilities. You may never need them, but it’s comforting to know—they’re ready to respond in a big way.

Every second counts to a first responder. That’s why the first response from Sentinel™ Series Fire Suppression Pumps is only seconds away. Thousands of these pumps are standing ready throughout the world to suppress destructive combustion with flows up to 5,000 gpm (18,925 litres/min) and pressures in excess of 390 psi (24 bar). In fact, the Sentinel Series is so reliable, many units have logged well over 25 years of continuous fire suppression service.

Patterson offers four types of Sentinel pumps: Horizontal Split Case (HSC), including a High-Pressure,Two-Stage DMD option; Vertical Turbine; Vertical In-Line; and End Suction.