EnviroFlo™ Vertical In-Line HVAC Pumps with Integrated Drive

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Patterson’s Vertical In-Line HVAC Pumps are available with energy-saving Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) power and also with Patterson’s CloudStat® Real-Time, Web-Based HVAC Pump Monitoring.

VFDs reduce pumping costs by 50%. Schneider Electric™ Altivar 212 VFDs, mounted directly to Patterson’s VIL HVAC pumps, eliminate the need for pressure reducing or throttling valves or inlet guide vanes. The VFDs can also be retrofitted to existing Patterson VIL constant speed pumps.

Patterson CloudStat®-enabled Vertical In-Line (VIL) pumps provide a browser-based, real-time view of HVAC pumping status. CloudStat is based on one-way cellular technology, installable without IT involvement, and there are no security risks. A CloudStat system can monitor up to four pumps without the need for an external PLC.

CloudStat interfaces easily with most local supervisory level protocols, including LonWorks® and BACNet®, and local control is provided using the integral keypad. Alarms are communicated instantly by email or SMS text to customer-defined contacts. The CloudStat system comprises a control enclosure, modem and quarterly subscription fees for software and data services.

Rugged. Reliable. Efficient. and Green.

Applying more than a century of engineering expertise in hydronic pumping technology to HVAC applications, Enviroflo™ pumps offer the rugged, reliable service and engineering refinements you expect from Patterson along with sustainable, energy-efficient performance that addresses Green strategies.