Patterson Pump Group

  Established in the 1980s...

Patterson has built a trusted reputation for reliable pump installations worldwide - whether satisfying urban water or waste demands, harnessing and controlling ravaging floods, reclaiming arid deserts, taming rampaging and devastating fires, or protecting the planet's ecological balance, our pumps are trusted.

Around the globe, wherever liquid moves, in large volume or high pressure, you will find Patterson heavy-duty pumps and packaged systems. The world looks to Patterson to enhance safety and comfort in HVAC and fire suppression technology, exceeding pumping demands in water supply, irrigation, flood prevention, and wastewater treatment, make industrial solutions into liquid transfers, and fulfill heating or cooling needs to each of our clients.

  Our History:

Currahee Mountain stands alone at the southern tip of the Blue Ridge Mountains and rises more than 1,700 feet above sea level. The Native Americans of the Cherokee Nation named the mountain Currahee (quu-wa-hi) meaning “stands alone” as the mountain rises above the hills and valleys of Northeast Georgia.

During WWII, the U.S. Army selected Currahee Mountain and the surrounding land as the site for the 101st Airborne Division, Parachute Infantry Training Center called Camp Toccoa. The mountain drew international recognition in the Tom Hanks film, Band of Brothers. The mini-series provided an intimate portrayal of the American Paratroopers, Easy Company.  Every day the Airmen would run three miles up and three miles down Currahee, and the name of the mountain would become the motto for their campaign: “We Stand Alone Together.” Here, the men of Easy Company trained intensely as they prepared for the largest battle and assimilation of force that the world has ever known and we recognize today as D-Day, June 6th, 1944. 

The history of Currahee Mountain and the spirit of working together as a unified team lives on with Patterson Pump Company. Patterson resides upon the same hallowed ground where Camp Toccoa was established. Today the employees of Patterson Pump Company stand-alone together as The Custom Pump Manufacturer the world turns to for pumping solutions.