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H2O Works™ End Suction
Clean Water Pumps

Patterson H2O Works End Suction Pumps handle water and clear industrial fluids at flows to 2,500 gpm and heads to 400 ft tdh. They feature a high-efficiency design that minimizes energy consumption, and their back pullout configuration, including a sliding motor base, provides easy access for maintenance without disturbing piping connections. Every pump is hydrostatically pressure-tested to 1-1/2 times shutoff before shipment.These pumps are engineered to last, with a precision cast, dynamically balanced impeller that minimizes vibration and maximizes bearing life. Precision bearings and machining limit shaft deflection. Other long-life features include registered fits at the volute cover for precise alignment, machined mounting surfaces and integrally cast packing boxes, casing rings, grease-lubricated bearings and a carbon mechanical seal (tungsten carbide optional), positively lubricated. A fitted bronze shaft sleeve and a self-flushing mechanical seal protects the shaft. Two end suction models are available—frame-mounted and close-coupled. Closed-coupled units can be either flanged or threaded.

Come Clean!

With more than a century of engineering expertise standing behind every application, these high performing pumps and systems provide potable water to cities and homes from reservoirs, rivers and wells. They meet the irrigation demands of large-scale agricultural site. And they assist industry with daily processing needs.

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