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H2O Works™ Two-Stage
DMD Clean Water Pumps

H2O Works type DMD Two-Stage Pumps are engineered to produce as much head as two single-stage HSC pumps in series, but they are much more compact in size. These rugged units are highly efficient and engineered to assure long and reliable service. Their single inlet construction permits a shorter h4 between bearings with half as many wearing rings to maintain. Packing boxes and bearing supports are integrally cast (except in the 10x10 DMD). An optional mechanical seal is available. Casing rings protect the casing from wear. Sizes range from 2 in. to 10 in. discharge, with capacities to 3,500 gpm and heads to 1,150 ft. Typical applications include water resources and industrial service such as high-head water works, hydraulic elevators, oil refineries, mining operations, chemical plants, and as boiler feed pumps.

Come Clean!

With more than a century of engineering expertise standing behind every application, these high performing pumps and systems provide potable water to cities and homes from reservoirs, rivers and wells. They meet the irrigation demands of large-scale agricultural site. And they assist industry with daily processing needs.

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