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MuniPac Plus

Patterson Pump Company’s MuniPac Plus, Place And Connect pumping systems are synonymous with flexibility. Designed to reduce both initial cost and total cost of ownership, MuniPac Plus, Place And Connect pumping systems provide the following benefits:

  • Reduced Cost Associated With Design
  • Reduced Construction Time
  • Dependable Schedules
  • Factory Tested
  • Reduced Start-Up Expense
  • Single Point of Responsibility

  • The MuniPac Plus focuses on the specific equipment needs of our customers. Input from our customer’s concerning pump and valve types, control needs and architectural considerations are used to develop solutions to satisfy each customer’s unique demands.The MuniPac Plus is a complete booster pump solution that comes completely pre-wired and pre-plumbed from the factory. With their single point power connection and simplified influent and effluent connections, installation of Muni~Pac Plus, Place And Connect pumping systems is a snap.

    The MuniPac Plus Typically Features:

  • Multiple pump options including vertical in-line, end suction, horizontal split case and vertical turbine pumps
  • Suction and discharge manifold piping from a variety of materials including ductile Iron, carbon steel and stainless.
  • PLC or SCADA Control
  • Custom PLC Programming
  • Variable or Constant Speed Motor Controllers
  • Isolation Valves For Each Pump
  • Check Valve For Each Pump
  • System Suction and Discharge Pressure Gages
  • Multiple Power Distribution Options That Include Motor Control Centers and Panelboards.
  • Multiple Skid and Floor Options That Include Structural Steel and Pre-Cast Concrete.
  • Multiple flow meter options including turbine and magnetic from various manufacturers.
  • Multiple control valve options including Pressure/Surge Relief Valves, solenoid operated valves, pressure reducing valves and pump control valves.
  • Optional modular steel enclosure with multiple architectural finishes and options.

  • The modular steel enclosure is designed for long term service with features such as:

  • 4” Galvanized Steel Framework
  • Solid Webbed Steel Roof Trusses
  • Kynar 500 Coating on All Exposed Metal Surfaces Including Trim
  • Designed For Destination (Seismic Zone, Local Building Codes, Wind Loads, Snow Loads)
  • UL752 Bullet Resistant Designs Available
  • Standard 2:12 Pitch Gabled Steel Roof With Multiple Roofing Options That Include Hipped, Single Slope, Gutters, Overhangs, and Architectural Shingles.
  • Multiple Architectural Treatments That Include Lapboard Siding, Stucco, Split Faced Block, and Brick.
  • Bat Style Wall Insulation (R19)
  • Blown-In Cellulose Ceiling Insulation (R21)
  • Optional HVAC system
  • Optional Bridge Crane with Hoist
  • Optional Standby Power System
  • Optional Chemical Feed Facilities
  • Optional Storage and Office Facilities
  • Designs up to 19 MGD

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