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H2O Works™ The Forceline®
NCS Series

These durable, H2O Works™ pumps are specially designed to pump sludge, raw unscreened sewage, miscellaneous liquids and contaminated trashy fluids efficiently, without clogging. A patented, self-cleaning ring prevents clogging.Easily installed and highly reliable, the design of these field-tuned, refined, dry pit service pumps incorporates extensive input from engineering firms, maintenance personnel, plant and equipment operators and mechanical/hydraulic experts. The Forceline® is well known for its high efficiencies, rugged construction and serviceability in wastewater and industrial applications alike.

Forceline NCS pumps are available in three basic configurations, from 3-in. to 12-in. discharge, vertically mounted and directly coupled through a flexible coupling, vertically mounted and remotely coupled through an extended drive shaft and horizontally mounted and directly coupled through a flexible coupling Both horizontal and vertical models are offered in standard or alloy construction. They are also available with a sealing arrangement that requires no flush water. Capacities range from 150 gpm to 12,000 gpm, with heads in excess of 250 ft. They are hydrostatically tested to 1-1/2 times shut-off head before shipment.

Waste Away!

Patterson technology helps transform even wastewater into a valuable resource. Designed to move sewage, sludge and dirty water, these pumps do not clog and serve reliably and efficiently year after year in wastewater applications around the globe.