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Georgia Underground Lift Station

Lift Station Retrofit Raises Efficiency, Eases Maintenance

No other pump on the market can be as easily integrated into retrofit plans as Patterson’s H2O Works™ Multi-Purpose Vertical Turbine® Pump. And Bill DeFoor, Utilities Director for the City of Toccoa, GA, discovered this fact when the city expanded its lift station facility. This truly superior, solids handling, multi-purpose vertical turbine pump offers the very highest hydraulic performance and lowest rotor vibration and noise levels. By utilizing standard, off-the-shelf motors, the H2O Works MPVT® offers the highest efficiency, lower operating costs and a life h4 up to four times longer than its submersible competitor. “It’s a blockbuster of efficiency,” says DeFoor. “The pump, motor, controller and all our maintenance are above grade. And the pump requires no special tools or maintenance personnel to operate and repair.” Components, such as bearings, can be replaced without costly and time-consuming tear down of the entire pumping unit, and a special impeller-to-shaft mounting allows easy and fast removal. For a quick, easy and efficient way to retrofit older lift stations or to design new installations, specify H2O Works Multi-Purpose Vertical Turbine® Pumps from Patterson.