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Each H2O Works Vertical In-Line Pump carries a legacy of quality, durability, reliability, flexibility and easy installation. While lengthening service life, this pump’s high-efficiency design minimizes energy consumption. It offers a simple, economical and efficient alternative to end suction and horizontal split case pumps in flows up to 11,000 gpm. Vertical In-Line Pumps are available with either packing or a mechanical seal. (The mechanically sealed pump can be converted to packing in the field.) Precision bearings and machining limit shaft deflection. To make sure every Vertical In-Line Pump is ready to perform, each one receives a hydrostatic pressure test before shipping.

Come Clean!

With more than a century of engineering expertise standing behind every application, these high performing pumps and systems provide potable water to cities and homes from reservoirs, rivers and wells. They meet the irrigation demands of large-scale agricultural site. And they assist industry with daily processing needs.

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