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DuPage Water Commission

Chicago Pumping Station Gets ‘Pumped Up’ for Future Needs

During construction of a Midwestern professional football stadium, contractors needed a reliable fire suppression system with pressurization capacity of 2,000 gpm at 95 psi to protect die-hard fans even on the coldest Sunday afternoons. Greg Trombold, Trombold Equipment Company (Patterson Representative), recommended Patterson’s Model 8x6 YS horizontal split case fire pump as the MVP on this project. “Patterson’s quality and very competitive price were paramount in our consideration,” Trombold reports, “and its very timely delivery reinforced our good decision.” Now eight years later, the Patterson pumping system is still first string. “It has been extremely reliable,” says Kevin Waters, mechanical technician. In addition to standard monthly inspections, weekly test cycles monitor amps, volts, packing, relief valve and bearings. “It has been really simple to take care of,” says Waters. “We’ve had no problems. It has been a good system for us.” Always being at the top of your game...that’s MVP performance. And that’s Patterson Sentinel Series Fire Pumps.

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Habersham County Water Authority

New Pump Station Relieves Drought-Ridden Areas

In the heart of a drought-stricken area, Habersham County (GA) Water Authority found itself in need of additional water sources for the cities and towns in its jurisdiction. Fortunately a neighboring city, Toccoa, had extra resources and contracted with Habersham County to provide one million gallons of water per day with the possibility to increase up to three million gallons per day, as needed. With seven months to build a new pumping station, lay five miles of pipe and bring everything online, water officials contracted with Patterson for a Flo-Pak® prepackaged pumping system housed in an all-steel, above grade enclosure. The system includes two close-coupled end suction pumps—each engineered to produce 585 gpm at 295 tdh—with provisions for a third pump as more water is needed. These pumps were selected for their increased efficiency in a smaller footprint, bringing substantial savings both in installation and ongoing operation costs. The completed factory-built pump station was delivered to the site well before the deadline and was ready for testing within 48 hours. “Testing went very well with only minor adjustments,” said Terry Purcell, Public Utilities Director for Habersham County, “and the pumps continue to perform as specified.” This additional water source will also allow the Habersham County Water Authority to become a wholesaler of water to other drought-affected cities.

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Lanier Filter Treatment Facility

Retrofit Brings New Efficiencies to 22-year-old Facility

After reviewing several horizontal split case pumps to retrofit their aging Lanier Filter Treatment Facility, Gwinnett County, GA water officials chose Patterson’s H2O Works™ Pumps for the job because they more closely matched the facility’s precise needs. They selected four 36 x 30 MAA pumps (33,415 gpm and 129 ft tdh), and three 20 x 18 MABS pumps (10,070 gpm and 159 ft tdh) for the job. “There were no complications at all during installation,” says Maintenance Superintendent Reza Baniassad. “And these new variable speed pumps have managed pressure exactly as we want it, during peak times and slow, middle-of-the-night periods. Our economy of operation has increased over the fixed speed pumps we used previously.” Switching to low rpm, variable-speed, horizontal split case pumps increased head and capacity, and ensured more efficient operation, mechanical dependability, low-cost maintenance and growth potential. Neal Spivey, Director of Water Production, says he is especially pleased with the current 150 mgd capacity of the facility. “It allows us to serve our 153,000 plus customers more efficiently and gives Lanier assurance that we will meet our growth requirements well into the future,” says Spivey.