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H2O Works™ Axial and
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How do you move large volumes of water continuously and fast? Power the flow with H2O Works™ Axial and Mixed Flow Pumps to get high capacity at low to medium heads with outstanding efficiency. These heavy-duty performers are widely used for flood control, irrigation and drainage projects, large scale primary water supplies, industrial process work, power plant condensing and other circulating systems. These pumps generally operate in a submerged state with suction entrances flooded. Horizontal units are installed with a positive suction head. Capacities range from 2,000 gpm to 700,000 gpm with heads to 60 ft per stage, and bowl sizes from 12 in. to 120 in. These pumps consist of a durable cast bowl assembly, an outer column and discharge elbow, shaft and shaft cover tube, floor plate, and motor mounting stand. The impeller is positioned in its housing above the suction bell and close to the pump inlet. We offer "pull out" designs that simplify maintenance by allowing removal of the entire bowl assembly without disturbing either discharge or floor plate connections. Each of these H2O Works pumps is specially designed and built to individual customer requirements and exhaustively tested with the aid of our in-house test laboratory. Come Clean!


Come Clean!

With more than a century of engineering expertise standing behind every application, these high performing pumps and systems provide potable water to cities and homes from reservoirs, rivers and wells. They meet the irrigation demands of large-scale agricultural site. And they assist industry with daily processing needs.

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