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Professional Football Stadium

Sentinel™ Guards The Safety Of Over 70,000 Fans

During construction of a Midwestern professional football stadium, contractors needed a reliable fire suppression system with pressurization capacity of 2,000 gpm at 95 psi to protect die-hard fans even on the coldest Sunday afternoons. Greg Trombold, Trombold Equipment Company (Patterson Representative), recommended Patterson’s Model 8x6 YS horizontal split case fire pump as the MVP on this project. “Patterson’s quality and very competitive price were paramount in our consideration,” Trombold reports, “and its very timely delivery reinforced our good decision.” Now eight years later, the Patterson pumping system is still first string. “It has been extremely reliable,” says Kevin Waters, mechanical technician. In addition to standard monthly inspections, weekly test cycles monitor amps, volts, packing, relief valve and bearings. “It has been really simple to take care of,” says Waters. “We’ve had no problems. It has been a good system for us.” Always being at the top of your game...that’s MVP performance. And that’s Patterson Sentinel Series Fire Pumps.

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Hyatt Regency Grand Cayman

Protecting A Piece Of Paradise

When the Hyatt Regency Grand Cayman needed a new, listed fire pump quickly to serve the fire protection needs at its resort hotel on Seven Mile Beach in the British West Indies, the hotel’s director of engineering, Goodman Powery, was relieved to find that Patterson could supply the needed Sentinel™ system within their limited time frame. In fact Patterson was the only manufacturer that could meet their tight schedule to replace the old, non-listed system with a listed one. “We purchased Patterson’s Fire Pump System not only because of their prompt delivery, but also their personal service and professional reliability. We wanted, and purchased, the most reliable system in order to provide our customers with the safest environment possible,” says Powery. The horizontal split case system is equipped with a diesel engine and meets the rigid mechanical and hydraulic specifications required for approval and listing by UL and FM for fire pump service. “At Hyatt Hotels we go beyond providing just exceptional comfort for our guests; we also provide the most modern and reliable fire protection equipment possible at each facility. Life is precious to us all,” Powery adds.

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Hurlburt Field Flight Training Building

Sentinel™ Pre-Pac® Meets Strict Requirements Ahead Of Schedule

As Eglin Air Force Base finished its new, 3-story, 30,000-sq.-ft. simulated flight training building at Hurlburt Field along Florida’s panhandle coast, the project team contacted Mike Brown, general manager of Advanced Fire Protection Services, Inc., to locate and install the best fire suppression system. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers stipulated that it meet strict specifications, longevity expectations and performance parameters (including a 0.1 design density and light to heavy hazard areas). It needed to be a packaged system installed within an out-structure, easily replaceable (within a matter of hours), serviceable and readily available or quickly manufactured. Brown recommended a Sentinel Pre-Pac® 6 x 5 m skid-mounted prepackaged system. Through first-hand experience, he knew Patterson was the industry leader in prompt delivery of standard fire pump systems. Also, he considered the Sentinel Horizontal Split Case Pump one of the most serviceable in the industry, with parts availability in 24-48 hours. "The totally assembled Pre-Pac system was delivered one day early and lifted into place before construction was completed. Requiring only electrical connections and the hookup of water supply and discharge lines, it was completely installed in less than a day. It was also designed to slide through double doors for later removal," says Brown.