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Marriott Ripken Stadium

First Patterson Experience Was A Home Run!

The condenser water system for Marriott Ripken Stadium required variable frequency drive system pumps capable of providing 1,200 gpm at 90 ft of head. Jim Stahl of James C. Stahl, LLC, mechanical contractor, examined the “basis of design” manufacturer, but having seen a demonstration of Patterson’s flexible coupled End Suction HVAC pumps, felt they were superior in design and maintenance. The Patterson pumps were offered to project engineers as an alternative. Engineers agreed they were a superior product at the specified price, and two pumps were installed. “Patterson turned the order around much faster than we are accustomed to seeing from other manufacturers,” says Stahl. “ "Their knowledgeable sales team worked with engineers to make sure selections were best for critical heating and cooling applications. This was our first experience with Patterson pumps, and we are very excited about the products, technical support and the sales force. An overall great experience. We will be using these pumps on our future projects.”

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Rhode Island School of Design

Great Students of Design Recognize Great Design

Reliable fluid flow is the lifeblood of any indoor climate system, especially for rare special collections and archives. A major renovation to relocate a 128-year-old library into the grand hall and expansive second floor of a historic bank building required a separate boiler room with chillers to maintain critical climate control requirements. Four Patterson frame-mounted end suction and two vertical in-line pumps were chosen. Their high-efficiency design minimizes energy consumption and lengthens service life. They are engineered to last and offer annular-pressure-reducing clearance and impeller balance holes to reduce axial thrust, grease-lubricated bearings and a fitted bronze shaft sleeve and sealant that protects the shaft. They have performed problem-free, according to David Britland, building engineer, and are easy to maintain.

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Flagler College

Nine Pumps Delivered In Seven Days...During Holidays

It was late December, 2005. David A. Hardesty, HVAC Project Manager for W.W. Gay Mechanical Contractor, Inc., had a Flagler College chiller plant renovation that required nine pumps to be delivered during the holidays. Specified pumps did not have a flange for the pump support, and they could not be delivered within the required construction schedule. Other manufacturers were contacted. None could furnish or build the required pumps in the limited time, except Patterson. The Toccoa, GA-based manufacturer delivered nine Pro-Max® vertical in-line pumps in seven days. Slipping comfortably into a limited footprint in the existing equipment room, the nine vertical pumps are on the job pumping primary and secondary chilled water, condenser water and hot loop water. “Patterson did an outstanding job. Their service and timing was impeccable, and the pumps have been flawless,” says David.

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Woolworth Building

World Famous Skyscraper Opts For World Class Pumping

A legacy of quality and durability—with flexibility to serve all applications and overcome restraints—is essential for HVAC pumps in any indoor climate system. This is especially true for world-renowned structures. New York City’s famous Woolworth Building needed world class pumps for an all-new loop installation that circulates condenser water to 18 units on three floors. Patterson furnished two Pro-Max® close-coupled vertical in-line pumps within the critical lead time. Their high-efficiency design minimizes energy consumption and lengthens service life. They are engineered to last with annular pressure- reducing clearance and impeller balance holes to reduce axial thrust, grease lubricated bearings and bronze fitted construction and bronze shaft sleeves for durability. "They have performed efficiently and problem-free",according to Vincent Baffa, building manager.