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Aqua~FloPac™ High Head Solutions

Designed and engineered for maximum performance and energy efficiency on restrained budgets, the TDH+ Model packs plenty of power in a smaller footprint. With a working pressure of 240 psi per pump and heads up to 555 ft, this model is capable of higher discharge pressures than the standard end suction pump. And larger sizes are available. The TDH+ also offers vertical multi-stage pumps, both constant and variable speeds, changeable orientation of headers, NEMA 1 and 4 enclosures and a split base option. And our new, state-of-the-art System Controller provides more effective energy and system management with custom, programmable system control.

High enough. Fast enough. Just enough.

Greenfield mixed-use projects, light industrial sites, high-density construction and high-rise conversions and up-fits are bringing more and more demands for reliable water supply. That’s why plumbing contractors worldwide are filling these needs with Aqua~FloPac™ pre-engineered packaged systems.