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H2O Works™ Type "F"
Sewage Pumps

When suspended solids complicate pumping chores, Patterson’s H2O Works™ Type “F” Pumps offer an efficient solution. These heavy-duty, non-clogging workhorses are on the job worldwide in wastewater plants and industrial settings such as food plants, meat processing facilities, pulp and paper mills, minerals and chemical plants—anywhere sludge or other unscreened solids with diameters up to 8 in. are found. Offered in sizes from 12 in. to 48 in., custom alterations and special requirements are made routinely as part of our unparalleled customer service. Type “F” units are available in more than 17 standard models and many custom configurations. All include Patterson’s patented self-cleaning ring that prevents clogging. Capacities range from 500 gpm to 100,000 gpm, with heads to 150 ft. Where flows include abrasive solids, special wear-resistant casings lengthen service life and reduce maintenance overhead. They are also available with a sealing arrangement that requires no flush water. Vertical configurations, normally direct coupled, can be designed for a dry pit where the intermediate drive shaft is located some distance above the pump and can be custom fabricated to desired lengths. Horizontal pumps are directly connected to the motor through a flexible coupling. Heavy-duty cast iron and steel supports ensure long, trouble-free service.


Waste Away!

Patterson technology helps transform wastewater into a valuable resource. Designed to move sewage, sludge and dirty water, these pumps do not clog and serve reliably and efficiently year after year in wastewater applications around the globe.