MuniPac® Municipal Systems

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MuniPac® Standard
(Housed Stationary)

The MuniPac® Standard’s optional stationary style enclosure provides both protection from the elements and noise reduction for the surrounding environment for larger applications. The enclosure is insulated for a total insulation value of R-19 to help keep equipment from freezing. The neighbors will be happy as well since the enclosure provides 5db of noise reduction. The enclosure is provided with a shutter mounted exhaust fan and motorized return air damper to help keep equipment cool. In addition to the excellent insulating qualities of the enclosure itself, a 500 watt, thermostatically controlled heater is provided to further protect equipment from freezing. A 200 watt vapor tight light fixture with light switch is included to provide station lighting. Double doors are provided on two opposite sides of the enclosure to allow easy access to equipment. All doors are provided with locking door hardware to provide added security against unwanted visitors. Additional doors can be provided as an option. To aid in equipment removal, the roof of the enclosure is completely removable. All exposed fasteners and door hardware are made from corrosion resistant stainless steel. Troubleshooting and retrieval of station diagnostics has never been easier. When equipped with a wireless router, control panel screens are accessible on your smart-phone or tablet when in range, allowing the user to access the station’s control panel without leaving the comfort of his vehicle.