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Patterson Pump Company’s MuniPac Standard, Place And Connect pumping systems are designed to reduce both initial cost and total cost of ownership. MuniPac Standard Place And Connect pumping systems provide the following benefits:

  • Reduced Cost Associated With Design
  • Reduced Construction Time
  • Dependable Schedules
  • Factory Tested
  • Reduced Start-Up Expense
  • Single Point of Responsibility

  • The MuniPacStandard focuses on space-saving afforded us through the use of Patterson’s Vertical In-Line style of pumps. The vertical in-line pump is a tried and true, space saving pump design that provides similar cost of ownership to that of end suction centrifugals and smaller horizontal split case pumps. The construction of close-coupled, vertical in-line pumps is almost identical to that of close-coupled, end suction style centrifugals. The entire rotating element can be removed without disturbing suction and discharge piping. Remote-coupled, vertical in-line pumps afford maintenance personnel the additional freedom to replace mechanical seals without having to first remove the electric motor.

    The MuniPac Standard is a complete booster pump solution that comes completely pre-wired and pre-plumbed from the factory. With theirsingle point power connection and simplified influent and effluent connections, installation of MuniPac Standard Place And Connect pumping systems is a snap. The MuniPac Standard includes:

    • Patterson Vertical In-Line Pumps or Vertical Multi-stage Pumps (Duplex or Triplex)
    • Ductile Iron Suction and Discharge Manifolds
    • PLC or SCADA Control
    • Variable or Constant Speed Motor Controllers
    • Isolation Valves For Each Pump
    • Check Valve For Each Pump
    • System Suction and Discharge Pressure Gages
    • Structural Steel Skid With Lifting Lugs or Optional Forklift Slots
    • Optional Flow Meter
    • Optional Pressure/Surge Relief Valve
    • Optional Clamshell Enclosure For Smaller Systems
    • Optional Stationary Enclosure For Larger Systems